Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SSRS Setup Report

Setup an SSRS Report

  1. Right-click on the Reports Folder 
  2. Add, New Item…
    1. This ends up being easier than clicking Add New Report
    2. An Add New Item window will open and select Report as the template.  Insert a new Name.
      1. Try as much as possible to use a single naming convention to make your life and others' easier.
    3. Press Add
  3. This will automatically open the Report
    1. If it doesn't, double click on the report 
      1. i.e. ReportName.rdl
  4. Open the Report Data View
    1. Add Report Items to Report:
    2. Connect report item to a Dataset
      1. In the Report Data view, right-click on Datasets, Add Dataset…
      2. A Dataset Properties window will open similar to the Shared Dataset window. You can either utilize an existing shared dataset, or you can create your own query here. 
        1. NOTE: I suggest creating a shared dataset and then selecting it from a list here.
      3. Make sure to name your dataset.
        1. If you are using a shared dataset I HIGHLY recommend you name it exactly like the shared dataset to eliminate confusion.
      4. If done correctly Fields should auto-populate
      5. Set any Filters as required or desired
      6. Set any Parameters as required or desired
Add an Existing Report
  1. Right-click on Report Folder
    1. Add
      1. Existing Item
  2. Navigate to your existing project workspace
  3. Double click on your project work folder
  4. Sort by type make it easier to find
  5. Select 
    1. ReportName.rdl
    2. You can select multiple by holding shift or cntrl
  6. Add
  7. Double click on ReportName.rdl in Solution Explorer to open report
  8. Click the Preview and ensure that no errors occur
  9. If no errors occur your Report is functioning properly
See our next tutorial: SSRS Configure Deployment


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