Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SSRS DataSource

Setup Shared Data Source(s)

  1. Right-click on Shared DataSources folder
    1. This is on the Solution Explorer navigation window
    2. If this window is closed, open by clicking View, Solution Explorer. Or Ctrl + Alt + L
  2. A Shared Data Source Properties window will open with two tabs: General and Credentials
  3. On the General tab:
    1. Name your Data Source
      1. NOTE: It is critical that you think about what you are naming your Data Source because it is incredibly difficult to rename your Data Source. (Especially after you are using it)
    2. Choose the Type
      1. i.e. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc
    3. Enter a Connection String
      1. i.e. Data Source= "(local)"; initial catalog=AdventureWorks
    4. On the Credentials tab:
      1. Choose one of four options for credentials:
        1. Windows Authentication
        2. Use this user name and password
        3. Prompt for credentials
        4. Do not use credentials
    5. Press OK
Add an Existing Data Source to Project
  1. Right-click on Shared Data Sources Folder
    1. Add
    2. Existing Item
  2. Navigate to your existing project workspace
  3. Open your project folder
  4. Sort the files by type to make it easier to find
  5. Click on your data source you want (DataSourceName.rds)
  6. Click on Credentials
    1. Add Credentials as needed
  7. Click OK
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