Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Create a New SSRS Project

How to create a new project:

In order to create a SQL Server Reporting Services Project, SQL Server Data Toos 2012 (SSDT) will need to be installed.  Data Tools can be installed from the SQL Server installation media.  When doing a SQL Server feature install, Data Tools will be on of the options.  For instructions installing Data Tools, please see the following article.

To Create a new project:
  1. Open SQL Server Data Tools from the Window Start Menu.
  2. Click New Project...

  1. Click Report Server Project as the template

Give a name to your project, and specify where on the file system the project will reside.  By default it new projects will be create under C:\Users\[current user]\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\[Your project name].

Click OK after you have named your project and specified the location.

When creating your new SQL Server Reporting Services project, it is highly recommend that your project be placed under source control.  Data Tools (SSDT) will work with any source control provider that integrates with Visual Studio, this includes Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Subversion (SVN).  We prefer SVN as we had issues with TFS 2010.  For more information on integrating your new SQL Server Reporting Services project with source control, please read see our article.

To build your new SQL Server Reporting Services project, go to the Build Menu and select Build [Your Project Name].  Alternately, you can use the hot key combination ctrl+shift+b.  This will build the project.

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